Unlike a fast-food restaurant, we do not have a standard menu of choices or costs. If you wanted to complete a marathon, you would not decide to do it and conquer the feat in a day.

Great accomplishments are achieved in a series of small steps, which progressively build on prior steps. This is the Advosion approach to intentional personal finance.

Knowing that a comprehensive financial exam is like a colonoscopy for many people, that is not how we start a relationship. Instead, we take a series of small steps and progress happens at your pace. A journey of purposeful interactions and meaningful conversations leads to empowering discoveries and rewarding experiences.

The greatest value comes through the impact of evolving and continuing collaboration, not a one-time activity or event. The journey is most fitting for people who can afford a commitment between $250 and $4,000 per month.

Basically, you can hire your personal Financial Advocate for about the same cost as a monthly Cable or Cell Phone bill. For a business owner or leader with more complex or challenging needs, the cost is less than a secretary. In both cases, the impact and value are more significant!

Like when a CFO is hired for a business, the compensation is a transparent and customized monthly or quarterly amount. It aligns with the responsibility for getting a job done the right way at the right time.

The compensation does not depend on investments under management or any financial products. It does not include any commissions or other perks. It is based on the value of your time, the decisions we help you make and the experiences we help you enjoy.