Unlike many advisors, we do not require a working relationship centered on investments under management. If you are interested in investment guidance, please understand that we might have the most boring approach to investing. It is based on evidence and math, not hope or hype.

If you want to save a little and have big returns make up the difference, know that we are not for you, and you will eventually be disappointed. If you want to spend more than your resources really afford, and have big returns make up the difference, we are also not for you – and you will eventually be disappointed.

If you have your nest egg because you saved well or built a great business, we might be perfect for you!  If your spending aligns with your resources, we can help you enjoy living well and sleeping well for as long as you live.

If investing becomes part of our work together, our incentives will be aligned:  You grow, we grow. You get hurt, we get hurt. You prosper, we prosper.

According to research by Vanguard, the estimated value of an effective advisor is about 3% per year. The Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha research attributes this annual value as follows:

up to 0.75%
up to 0.70%

Behavioral Coaching
Cost-Effective Implementation
Rebalancing Asset Allocations
Asset Location (Tax Placement)
Withdrawal Strategy
Asset Allocation
Investing for Total Return versus Income

This estimated annual value, and even just half of it (1.5%), is worth much more than you can realistically expect from a stock or bond picker trying to "beat the market" on a consistent basis!

Our investment guidance focuses on these areas, not picking stocks or bonds. Generally, the specific stocks, bonds and other investments are selected for our clients by more than one of these world‐class portfolio management firms*:


In addition to the world‐class organizations above, we also rely on these exceptional firms for analysis, research, information and thought‐leadership on global economics, markets and investing:

  • Gluskin Sheff

  • GMO (not the organism)

  • Goldman Sachs

  • JP Morgan

  • Morningstar

  • Thomson Reuters