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Are you ready for
Better Planning,
Better Investing &
Better Living?

Financial Success is living well and enjoying life, not getting rich or amassing wealth.

Advosion is a Fee-Only Fiduciary.

That means Advosion is a no-commissions, no-nonsense provider of financial guidance for you and your priorities.

UNLIKE most of the financial institutions, firms and “advisors” you probably know about, a Fiduciary is Legally and Ethically Required to Serve YOUR Best Interests.

Led by Scott Pruski, Advosion is a virtual firm of complementary experts, who all have decades of experience.

With no commissions or hidden incentives to corrupt our work, Advosion offers two fiduciary services that may be provided together or independently:


is for clarifying your priorities and helping you make easier and better financial decisions that align with your priorities. It inspires intentional actions that empower desirable flexibility through major transitions and life events.
Our decisions are better
when our values are clear.


is for people who want to delegate the strategic planning, implementation, coordination of cash flows, consolidated reporting and attention to tax, rebalancing and other details for their investment portfolio.
Our outcomes are better
when our priorities are clear.

Are you ready to make the most of your time, talent, resources and opportunities?

We will explore your essentials before your financials.

We start by discussing your personal values, priorities, histories, horizons, circumstances, interests and concerns.

Then we explore family dynamics, financial resources, liquidity needs, tax considerations, emotional risk tolerance, financial risk capacity, total return objectives, prior investment experiences and other important factors

I will listen to understand, not just respond.

We combine a better understanding of you, with insights from 30 years of serving clients and specialized expertise from seasoned professionals who are available as needed, to make your money work exceptionally well for you and the people you care about, not just those who want a piece of it.

You will Gain Clarity, Confidence and Time for Higher Interests!

Meet Scott Pruski

Artisan of Personal Finance, Fiduciary

Dedicated, willing to lead and not afraid of hard work, I am a Fiduciary and Advocate for clients.

I help people navigate areas of personal finance and investing that are often foreign or uncomfortable, no matter how much money you have or make.

In addition to an Economics degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I earned the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) and Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) credentials, each of which requires the same experience, but more coursework and testing than the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®).

With over 30 years of experience guiding clients, I serve as a central trusted advisor on matters of risk management, income management, dependable investing, financial planning, retirement planning, charitable giving, transitions and taxes.

It has been said there is nothing like the fear of running out of money and having to make payroll, to help an entrepreneur see what really matters in business. I gained that experience in 1996.

Likewise, there is nothing like hearing a doctor say, “You have cancer” to help you see what really matters in life. I lived that experience in 2013.

Finally, there may be nothing like going through divorce, to help you see what really matters for your kids and their future. I had that experience in 2014.

Although I do not want to repeat them, those experiences enhanced the empathy, insight and value I have to offer.

Independent but not alone, I work with a virtual team of experts that includes a tax attorney, other attorneys, multiple CPAs, a CFP and various insurance or financial professionals to serve clients as needed.

Not for Everyone

Do you want a trusted fiduciary and dependable advocate, who can lead your other advisers?

Financial Planners and Investment Advisers commonly have hundreds or thousands of clients. Mine are limited to 30.

While others seek one or two new clients per week, I only want one or two per year.

Serving a limited number of clients, with similar priorities and interests, enables me to be more attentive, proactive and valuable.