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Helping people plan and invest better.

It pays more than it costs.

Managing your tax, cash flow, planning and investing details is complicated and time consuming.

A current or former leader in business, education or healthcare, your time is precious, your family is important and you have other interests.

Advosion provides big-picture thinking and strategic planning for leaders like you with one or more of these critical issues:

Great at making money, you know you are not as strong at managing it. You sense there may be gaps, or opportunities for improvement, but are unsure how to address them.
The more money you have, the bigger the target you are for an industry that preys on confusion, “deals” that are often better for originators than investors, and many advisers who really have little interest in you or your priorities.
You want a dependable partner and a loyal advocate, not a salesperson, who works for YOU!

Hello! I am Scott Pruski.

Since 1992, clients have called me their Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Investment Manager, Money Manager, Portfolio Manager or Wealth Manager. I founded Advosion in 2004.

With an Economics degree from the University of Michigan, I am a planning-oriented strategic thinker who sees the big picture, asks thought-provoking questions, listens unusually well, solves problems, finds opportunities, tends to details and follows through.

Basically, I am an Artisan of Personal Finance who understands how to balance the art and science of what matters for you, your finances and the people you care about most.